Friday, June 1, 2012

Camicia Done!!

 The camicia is finally done! It is made of this diaphanous 8mm habotai silk. It is all sewn by hand. Each piece was cut then given a rolled hem that was then fagot stitched together with black silk thread. On the cuffs I created my own design made up of half of a pomegranate and half of a compass rose (elements from my heraldry) with some scroll work. I used a reverse chain stitch for the embroidery.

To close the cuff I used two pearls and embroidered button loops.

I'm making it a point to track my hours worked on each project this year as a lot of folks asked me how long each element took on last years projects and I really didn't have an answer. According to my time tracker I spent 94 hours and 18 minutes on the camicia.

As also seen in the camicia picture I have also finished two necklaces to go with this outfit. The shorter one of large pearls and jet beads and the longer, made up of two sizes of pearls, gold filigree beads, jet and coral. Both are strung on silk thread and hand knotted.
Two layers down, two to go!!

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