Saturday, June 18, 2011


Since I have been at nationals all week the only thing I could bring with me that would fit into my bag was my handkerchief. I have discovered it takes about 6 hours to finish each side of the drawn thread work with the buttonhole stitch. I have finished two sides since I got here. I am thinking I really have to budget my time on this project so it will have several stages of "done" I go home tomorrow and I hope to finish my chemise within the week and send in a new update to the challenge. Next on my list is the drawers then I can move onto the meat of the project- the dress itself. At the moment I am still ahead of my schedule so I am not in panic mode yet.

I am so thrilled to have so many people following me on this blog helping me stay on task. The two people I was so thrilled to see taking on the challenge and who I was hoping to use their progress to keep me motivated have dropped out. So I really need to be sure to push myself- the nice thing is I know I am not alone there are 25 other people and many of whom read this blog that are keeping me going and I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for that. It would have been very easy for me to give up when I started back at school and then with this trip to Nationals- you guys really inspire me and fuel my drive. I just hope when it is all said and done that I don't let you or myself down


  1. How could you let us down? Your work is amazing and *anything* you share is a gift. Thank you!

  2. You can totally do this...and I know you'll do it with style and grace as usual. :) *hugs*