Sunday, June 5, 2011

What to do?

So as you can tell from my last post the blackwork is starting to really burn me out. I have 7 days before I head to Dallas for work- It's a National Speech and Debate competition. So I will be losing 7 days. I had hoped to have the camicia finished before I leave. As it stands right now I have the 2 sleeves embroidered and the two side panels. I had originally planned to also do a row of embroidery near the seams where the front and back meet the side panels. Now I am not so sure-

I am using the Camicia pattern from the realm of venus website for the first time- it's very close to my usual pattern so I'm not to worried about that

This is a rough diagram of the camicia on the left half is where the embroidery is right now the right is pre embroidery. Do I add another row of embroider on the front and back where they meet the side seam?? or do I just leave it? I am doing a ladder laced gown and once in the dress none of the embroidery will show-

I'm being such a Libra about this- so I need to ask advice from my readers- what do you think I should do??

***note the squigle lines are embroidery straight lines are seams- I already have all the embroidery shown in the diagram finished for both sides


  1. It would look nice with the embroidery, but would be fine without it. Its going to be spectacular either way! I find my answer normally comes from how much its going to bug me to not do something. After all the time re-hooping and doing the embroidery you have already done is not doing that much more going to bother you, or are you going to be thrilled with what you did do and content with it? Its going to be so beautiful. I'm super jealous.

  2. Since I do all my blackwork on finished garments I'd say stop here for now and you can always add more on the seams later if you want!

    (I assure you that the fact that I wanna see the finished piece has *nothing* to do with it. :) )

    If you think that you are bound to want to add the rest in the end, and the difference in the method will bother you, you could just do a bit more embroidery at the tops of the seams where tye will be gathered so they will match the rest...