Monday, September 10, 2012

it's evil!!

so I was just going to skip Bella's latest challenge on Realm of Venus. While I fully support the pink theme for breast cancer awareness,  I just couldn't think of anything pink I could do. Then Bella posted an evil picture.

How could I say no to a naughty embroidery project??

looking at it closely I could see it as a scissor case with a draw string bag on the front to hold thread and the acorn on top as a pin cushion, maybe attached to a needle case.

now that the ideas are brewing and I feel inspired I need to find materials, I'm thinking gold plaited braid on the edges, pomegranates (spilling seeds) instead of the flowers and ermine- out of pearls. just to make it mine.  doing the whole thing with either a pink split stitch background or tent stitched.

I have no intention of winning, it will be small and compared to some of the plans folks are brewing it will not be in the same league as them, but it will be a fun little project for me to do.

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