Monday, September 3, 2012

so I'm thinking.....

Dangerous I know!

I have costuming ADD I always have a lot of projects on the burner and there are times I can't stop coming up with new ideas. Now that the IRCC is over I plan on using this blog to keep track of my ideas and doing better at documenting the work I am doing.

I have already posted a pic of the embroidered pocket I am working on.

I have plans to continue working on my courtesan handout/ research paper
I have started the research to create a full Florentine outfit
I am thinking of creating a cloth doll and creating a wardrobe for her (to test patterns)
I really would love to do more card weaving (tablet weaving)
I would love to create a SCAesque Heraldic cotehardie, I say this as most of the period examples I like are from allegories and are not the best choices to base an outfit on but oh I would so like one!
I have a few nightcap ideas floating in my mind
would love to try my hand at a brick stitch pouch

I also have several costumes I would love to make for Costume Con next year!

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