Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pocket background ifno

I had planned to do a little background on all the elements of my outfit and I have realized I have fallen a bit behind so I hope to fix that.


I love pockets! There are lots of examples of them in period portraits


Aren't they wonderful?! I have fussed and worked and reworked my pattern, Some how I have been able to harness TARDIS powers. The amount of stuff I can put in them and not ruin the line of my skirts is amazing. We have hidden 2 tv remotes and a large home phone and you couldn't tell there was anything in it.

on a normal day I have: My wallet, Cell phone, packet of bobby pins and safety pins, 1-2 packs of clove cigarettes, a couple of lighters, and once in a while a bottle of water or soda. Thats a lot of stuff!

my pocket- linen with black courtesan embroidery

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