Thursday, April 28, 2011

flag fan

The flag fan was popular in Italy and particularly in Venice. Examples can be found in Vecellio's Renaissance Costume Book, Jean Jacques Boissard's Habitus Variorum Orbis Gentium (1581), . There are few extant fans from the 16th century. Flag fans have been recorded as being made from vellum, silk, painted linen or embroidered. 
Extant example

There are several portraits also showing flag fans.

Including my inspiration portrait

For mine I am using porcelain clay and fabric. On one side I will be embroidering my household badge, on the other I will be painting my device.

A picture of the top of the flag fan

as you can see I haven't sewn up the bottom of the flag yet- I'm using a bit of plastic canvas to help the flag keep it's shape. once I finish stitching it up I will start painting my device on the back

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