Sunday, May 1, 2011

back to work

yes I have taken a few days off- between the wedding, school and church stuff I have been swamped!

Yes I have just gone back to school after some stupidity about my credits- but now that it is worked out I am trying to get back into the swing of things

I am Catholic- yes I have some pretty good nun stories- although not the ones you would expect- tee hee. So the Beatification of John Paul II was a very big deal for me. That and a latin mass and yes I will stay up at 3 am to watch

lastly I had to watch the wedding! yes that wedding. I was born in Scotland my mother was born and raised in Scotland I still have family in the U.K If I didn't sit up with a cup of tea and watch the wedding live- I shudder to think what my family would do to me. The dress was amazing BTW

So today I get back to work the fan just needs my device painted on the back- which I can do later. Today I am working on my second gold veil- (lovely silk) that gives me a reason to play with my new rolled hem foot. In a few hours I pack everything off and go to my friends place to sew well into the night.

Tonight I work on the petticoat as that won the vote held on my facebook page. I will have pics up tonight.

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