Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good day

So today started well, I got up about an hour after go time for the IRCC and I spent 4 hours prepping a few projects. I had to go to work today as it was Nat quals for my speech and debate kids so I prepared a few small projects to keep me busy through the day.

I start by taking out the threads on my first row of my drawn thread handkerchief

This is some amazing antique linen given to me by my grandmother it is so fine and I love working with it, It started it's life out as a top sheet and I have made three handkerchiefs from it so far it is in amazing shape!

I next made a wire frame and stretched and glued my silk for the paddle fan

I warped my new mini card loom, I have never tried any type of weaving before so this took the longest to do. I went over the pattern I designed (picks of pattern up tomorrow) 

Last I pounced and outlined my embroidery design for my velvet needle book.

I packed the loom and embroidery with me and went off to the meet at the end of the day I had a lot of progress
1 garter  finished

here you can see both sides of the ermine pattern

I was able to finish a second and a spare one that I have yet to take off the loom

which I will do tomorrow

I had a lot of fun making the garters and I have a design idea brewing in my head for a pair with my persona's initials and one using some shades of blue (my fav. color)

Total time including warping of the loom 6hours

I then started my embroidery, This is my first time playing with gold thread and I think I am starting to get the hang of it, 5 hours of work so far

So here is the list

Layer 1
Camicia- silk washed and dried
Layer 2
Petticoat- design planned not started
Layer 3
Dress- Not started
Layer 4
Ermine Garters- Finished!
Needle book- Embroidery (compass rose) Started
Paddle fan- Frame made and ready for paint
Handkerchief- ready to start design elements

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