Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm sorry to be so brief yesterday, but my husband came home after he was shipped off to Camp Lejeune in NC since shortly after Christmas.
My 4th layer is done, I tried weaving for the first time! I went ahead after a lot of reading on the web and tried cardweaving, it was a lot of fun! I made my own pattern using the ermine off of my device and was able to make them reversable!
I was inspired by this pair of garters from the museum of fine art in Boston. Italian dated 1575–1600

Since my sewing machine died during last years IRCC I have yet to replace it and have been borrowing a friends machine off and on over the last year. At the moment I am without a machine so it looks like I will be doing most of this by hand. 

I am currently 35 hours into an embroidery element in which I gave gold work a try.
I'm feeling really good about it for a first try!


  1. The gold looks fabulous and the garters are wonderful.

  2. thanks I'm darn proud of them both involve techniques I have never tried before