Thursday, April 5, 2012

IRCC2 ideas brewing

Dress inspiration


  1. Oooooo....pretty!

    And so tall!

    Hey Christa, would it be ok for me to put these on my blog page for women *wearing* their chopines?

  2. sure but it is hard to argue that she is wearing them- yes she is very tall but we don't really see the shoes and height was vogue and the artist could have elongated her to enhance her beauty

  3. Well, of course I can't proove anything, and I'd agree that artistic interpretation will always play a part, but there are some basic interrelationships to human anatomy which would strongly suggest that both of these ladies are either wearing some form of tall shoes or standing on stools.

    The basics, as I remember them from various art classes, are that an average person's face is as long as the distance from the base of their palm to the tips of their fingers, their foot is as long as the distance between the elbow and wrist of their inner arm, and their entire height is the equivilant of the height of their head multipled by 8.

    Since I am interested on the question of how the wearing of chopines may have influenced the cut of dresses I eyeball full length portraits a lot and count heads.

    It keeps me off the streets at night. :)

    Thanks for letting me add them to my collection!