Sunday, August 7, 2011

ermine step by step

  • I had a stencil of my ermine spot
  • I draw the outline on my fabric
  • using a running stitch I follow my outline- attaching the fabric to a stabilizer

  • I then cut away the fabric inside the outline as close to my stitching as possible, without cutting the stabilizer underneath- which is why the stabilizer is so important you don't want the fabric to stretch or warp in any way
  • Then I do a zig zag to help catch stray threads around the outline. this helps it look cleaner in the end, and will give it a little more strength to hold it's shape later
  • I then use a wider shorter zig zag stitch to applique around the edges
  • cut away the stabilizer on the inside, trim the stabilizer around the outside an it's done!!

This can also be done by hand although for the time crunch I decided to use my machine as your cut away designs get smaller you will have to sew it by hand- trust me it will save you headaches later!! a simple whipstitch can be used to clean up the edges and I would suggest a buttonhole stitch to finish the outline- It holds up better and has less of a chance of shifting revealing the raw fabric edge underneath then whipstitch. You can fray check your cut edges before finishing but it isn't required. 

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  1. Your sleeves are amazing, you do such good work. Thank you also for the tutorial!