Saturday, August 20, 2011

Final photos

So I started wanting to do something with my hair

I was going for this:
I got close- If I was willing to play with it some more I think I would have gotten it but I think I was close


Layer 2
the dress and accessories
you can see the jewelry box and banner I also made during the challenge

With the black veil

with the cloak and 2nd drawn thread handkerchief

and parasol

with zibellino and gold veils

with the 1st handkerchief and rosary

my favorite because you can sort of see the miniature of my son Neil in the costume I made him to look like Henry VIII's son Edward

For fun:

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  1. Can I just say, its totally dreamy. I really love the fun and personality of your photos and how well thought out they are. I'm totally jealous of your banner. I really love the heraldic display of the entire presentation. the dress is just beautiful.