Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eva is in a coma

Now it isn't as terrible as it sounds- ok maybe it is. Eva is my sewing machine. She has a blue light and the first time I turned her on my son pointed and cried out "Eva!" He was going through a Wall-e stage at the time. Tonight after squeaking, then chugging she finally seized up. I can't turn the hand wheel and I am very sad. I was busting through the drawers and making real progress! So I'll take her to the repair guy on Tuesday and I hope he can take her off life support and put her on the mend.

Lucky I have a very dear friend who is offering her machine to me as a loner cause "You have to finish this challenge."

I can feel my stubborn side kick over, with the days counting down quickly- I know I have to finish, and one way or another I will- gosh-darnit!!

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