Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Do list for Bodice

  • cut out canvas bodice pieces 1&2
  • Stitch bodice 1 together
  • Draw boning channels
  • Stitch down eyelet tape
  • cut out linen bodice pieces
  • fray check linen bodice pieces (as it will be sitting on side a while)
  • Stitch canvas bodice 2 together
  • Pin canvas bodices together
  • Stitch boning channels
  • cut bones
  • file bones
  • cut trim 
  • Stitch trim down onto linen
  • Satin stitch over edge of trim in gold
  • stitch bodices together
  • turn
  • bias tape bottom
  • stitch top of straps
  • Have a glass of wine
  • Pat self on back for finishing the bodice

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