Sunday, July 17, 2011


The new Victorian gown went over very well!

So now that I got my groove back with a side project I hope I am set to dive back into the IRCC- the bodice should come together very fast now and the skirt should be just as quick. I may have some issues doing the pattern for the sleeve and with what I intend to do there will be a bit of extra time spent on doing the cut work. I am also losing about 4 days since I have a family reunion over the weekend in Oklahoma, so most likely I will just work on finishing my handkerchief.

I have the fabric for a partlet, as well as the fabric for a short cape. I am thinking the ruffs are something I will have to do post IRCC as they will take some time and I am already scheduling very tight, I already have plenty of items to make up my layer 4 for the challenge- why should I put myself in a panic over them. I need to finish my layer 3 as I have nothing finished for it yet- being that it is the main dress, anything I get done after that will be gravy.

I just need to keep plugging along.

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